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TWO COPS フル - Official Trailer: Basic Instinct (1992)

Official Trailer: Basic Instinct (1992)



以下の文章の和訳よろしくお願いします。 Spat Becomes A Mass Production March ...
以下の文章の和訳よろしくお願いします。 Spat Becomes A Mass Production March 24, 1986 | By Mike Royko. I`m not going to use Norman`s full name, because he has enough p roblems. But his story should be a lesson that in this age of heightened consciousness, we must be sensitive to the feelings of others, even if they are strangers. Norman delivers furniture for a living. And one day he was making a delivery to an office on Ohio near LaSalle. He pulled his truck into the alley and began unloading. A car pulled up, and the driver, whom we will call Ron, said Norman was blocking his private parking space, which was clearly marked with a sign. Although Norman moved his truck, Ron berated him for his discourtesy, and angry words were exchanged. As they quarreled, Norman noticed that Ron`s speech patterns and physical movements were, to his eye, quite effeminate. So Norman said, ``Say, are you some kind of faggot?`` As Ron later put it, ``When he said that, I saw red.`` The two began wrestling, and Ron grabbed Norman`s little finger and twisted it so hard that a bone broke. Then he gave Norman, who was sitting on the ground and holding his painful pinky, a few punches and went to his office in an antique company. After getting his finger treated, Norman called the cops and brought battery charges against Ron. They went to court, had a trial, and Ron was found guilty, even though Norman admitted that he had called Ron a faggot. Ron paid a fine and was ordered to give Norman money for the income he lost while his finger mended. But the dispute was far from over. Some time later, Norman made another delivery in the same alley. Ron saw him and ran out and took Norman`s picture. He said he wanted it as evidence that Norman parked illegally.

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